What Is an ESA Letter and Why Do You Need One?

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ESA letters have suddenly been a hot subject among pet owners. So you decided it would be a good idea to explain what these letters are and why individuals would need one. After reading this essay, you’ll know whether you and your pet require an emotional support animal letter.

The ESA letter for travel allows you to travel with your pet, even that long-term trip you’ve been thinking about. You can bring your pet on planes that normally do not allow pets. The letter is valid for one year and must be renewed each year in order to continue traveling with your ESA.


ESA letters are essential for certifying your dog as an emotional support animal. You must get these documents in order for your animal to gain all of the benefits of being an ESA. So what is the distinction between an ESA letter and a standard doctor’s note?

A licensed healthcare professional’s suggestion is written in an ESA letter. Therefore, a general practitioner may not be the best person to write one. These are usually obtained from mental health practitioners.

However, many general practitioners are unfamiliar with ESA letters and refuse to offer them. Dog owners would be far better off seeing a mental health specialist. Seek for those that have a history of specialized in animal therapy and ESAs.

Some folks may be able to get these letters from their usual therapist. It never hurts to ask if they can write one for your particular situation. After all, your therapist is the one who is most knowledgeable with your mental health requirements.

esa letter

If your therapist isn’t familiar with them, it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate someone who is. These doctors may be found with a simple Google search.


Many underestimate the prevalence of ESA letter fraudsters. Many pet owners may purchase forged letters in order to obtain advantages without going through the legal processes. Similarly, people will put up bogus registration sites in order to steal money from pet owners.

As a result of these concerns, it is critical to describe the terms of a legal ESA letter. The first indicator will be a paper with professional letterhead. It’s a sure indicator that the individual providing the ESA letter is genuine.

A valid esa letter will also have your doctor’s or therapist’s signature. Never take one unless you have real confirmation of a doctor’s advice. It should also include their contact information, the practice’s address, and your status as a patient.

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